Welcome to the home page of Mobile Notary King. Rest assured you are in good hands when it comes to accommodating your notary needs.

I am a licensed NYS notary public commissioned in Kings County, with certificates of official character on file in Queens, Bronx, and New York Counties. My mobile services cover all four of these counties.

Additionally, I am insured for up to $1,000,000 under my current Errors & Omissions Policy. This covers both notarial acts and any paperwork involving loan signings.

All fees include a $2.00 per notarial act (per instrument per affiant) plus a travel/administrative fee. Rates may vary based on the nature of the document, witnesses (if applicable), number of documents to be notarized, number of affiants, and distance to be traveled.

For added convenience, I provide printing and scanning services for an additional fee.

All notarizations are documented and logged in a journal of notarial acts. The information I obtain includes: The full name of the signer(s), street address, city, state, ZIP, document(s) needing notarization, type of notarial language (sworn statement or “jurat”, acknowledgement, etc.), and all pertinent picture ID info, including ID number, and expiration date). This is a requirement as per New York State regulations as of January 2023.

Feel free to contact me anytime to learn more about how I can help you.

Phone: (718)593-2677

email: jblair@mobilenotaryking.com

Disclaimer – As a NYS Notary Public, I am not licensed to practice law; therefore, I can neither give legal advice nor accept fees for legal advice. I speak fluent English – I cannot notarize a signature if you do not speak/understand English. I do not prepare immigration documents; I cannot represent someone in any matters pertaining to immigration.