My name is Jamie Scott Blair, and I am the founder and owner of Mobile Notary King. I first became a notary in 2012 while working as a New York City professional process server. I found that it was an easy and convenient way to notarize various affidavits of service, affidavits of attempted service, and affidavits of due diligence for my colleagues in the business; there were plenty of times when they, as notaries, were there for me in similar regard!

While I was never in love with the process serving industry, I appreciated the teamwork I often found, such as in the above example. By now putting focus into my mobile notary business, I can travel all over NYC and provide a service people need and ask for at a fair and reasonable price, rather than be a messenger of bad legal news that most people will attempt to evade at all costs.

My years of experience as a process server forced me to learn the NYC mass transit system, a method of travel that I know like the back of my hands. Even same-day notarizations can take place smoothly – I take care to travel as much as possible by bus so I remain within cell phone reception range in the event there is a cancellation or postponement of a notarial act.

I would like to mention that I have several years of experience as a legal proofreader, so I always make a habit of reading over the documents which need notarization, taking care to point out errors or inaccuracies if and when they occur.