Are you concerned that a deponent may not be tech-savvy and could inadvertently lose internet connection during a crucial deposition? I am able to sit in with the deponent for the duration of the proceedings to make sure they stay logged on and can continue to interact with the other attending parties, such as the attorneys, the court reporter, and the interpreter if need be.

I will travel to most any conference room, courthouse or other deposition location in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx and help the deponent with those unexpected connectivity issues that arise from time to time. In some cases, the deponent may be an elderly person, have disabilities, or otherwise be impaired from managing their remote appearance on their own. I will work with the monitors and videographers who may be present and demonstrate the patience and compassion that is needed in order for the deposition to go smoothly and with minimal to no interruption.

Besides being a notary, I also possess a background in legal proofreading, stenography, and digital court reporting, so I have an educational background concerning the etiquette required for appropriate behavior during courtroom and other legal procedures.

Feel free to contact me at (718)593-2677 or via email: jblair@mobilenotaryking.com so we may discuss your needs in greater detail.